I spoke in a New Tongue, What Does That Mean?

There is prayer language available to all who receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, then there is the “gift of tongues” available to some (1 Cor. 12). Some can also speak using the gift of tongues for ministrations. The same way a person can come under the healing anointing to minister for a time, gift of tongues also works that way. We grow in speaking, whether it be prayer language or “gift of tongues”.

Most people confuse their prayer language with the gift of tongues. Gift of tongues will often, if not always, change. In gift of tongues is tongues of prophecy, of mysteries, of angels, of foreign language, etc.  Howbeit, it’s infinite. If you are willing, God can show you a lot of things through tongues. We grow in it. Just like a baby who says “ba ba ba ba” until he/she starts making short sentences and finally are able to communicate fluently without hiccups.

Tongues of mysteries are spoken only to God, and no man can interpret…so it is not all tongues that can be interpreted unless God wants the person to know.

Prayer Language would often sound the same until you go into what I call “shedding”. That is, receive new tongues (Luke 9:1-2), and you can’t speak the old one again… which often happens when the Lord takes you into another realm from the last or when you enter into a new “season”.

Watch video: https://youtu.be/OS9gyc9iiEc

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  • reida

    This happened to me…one day i woke up and was alive…like ever so happy alive! and my tongue was different. i could hear it and feel it…it was awesome. Didnt know it was like how you describe above! amazing

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