I was delivered, but there is re-entry?

QUESTION: Last night I prayed fervently with tongues and some unclean spirits were loosed from me. Then I started to read the Bible. The unclean spirits attacked me again trying to enter my head, my back, at my left side.
Praise God for your deliverance. A spirit that is cast out of you has no right to come back except a legal ground is given, so what you need to do is focus on speaking to them, that is commanding them to get out of your atmosphere.
A spirit that God has set you free from has no right to re-enter. The scriptures say he whom the son sets free is free indeed. Most times they do that when they see the person is afraid, so focus more on the word and rebuking the spirit by the word. Rebuking them saying, he whom the Son sets free is free indeed, you cannot bind me anymore. Only Christ has the authority.
Focus more on Jesus during these times. Know that nothing has a right to even come close to you except Jesus permits them. Your protection is Christ, He is the door, the way, anything you experience in Him is not supposed to prevail over you. Let the Lord give you a revelation to open the eyes of your understanding in the name of Jesus – Eph. 1:16-18
Don’t worry, the Holy Spirit is with you and always there to help you. Just learn to depend on Him more.

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  • dimpy sen

    Dear sister please pray for me I am from India 30years old having no progress in life secondly having generational curse on me and my family . serpent spirit torments me day &night inside my body.pray for me & guide me.

  • cjohnson156

    I need help God show me a woman that I was holding hands with in a dream her hair was like in a afro with little curls I told God that I was going to wait on him this time and I am still waiting June 17, 2017 I believe I now who she is just don’t want to spook her off need help with this.

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