We are commissioned by Jesus Christ, a 5 fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11), to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth through the preaching and teaching of the word of God, prayer and spiritual warfare strategies.


  • Media Ministry – Our Media Ministry comprises Publications, Graphics and Audio and Visual Media.
  • Evangelism Ministry: John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He gave  His only begotten Son…” This is the great commission Jesus Christ has called us to! This is the heart beat of Jesus. We are called to win souls, bring them into the Kingdom and have them saved at last. We work hard via media platforms and in person (street evangelism) to achieve this great task. Click here to see what’s happening!
  • Helps & Outreach Ministry – Working closely with the Evangelism and outreach ministry, the Ministry of Helps is a vital one to the body of Christ. The love of Christ is demonstrated in a practical way when the church can feed persons; take care of the widows. We cater to a number of neglected groups and they are included in a number of programs such as:
    • Homeless Project
    • BabiesProject
    • WidowsProject
    • HospitalMinistry
    • PrisonMinistry
  • Deliverance & Healing Ministry: Jesus’ ministry was one of deliverance and healing and He has called us to do the same.
  • Prophetic Ministry – Our example is Jesus Christ, our Prophet, our leader, we follow Him.
  • Missions Initiatives – We serve and minister to people in need of spiritual help, food, clothing, support, click here to learn more.
    • Orphans
    • We bring the gospel, food, clothing and helps to neglected groups in under-developed nations.
  • Prayer and Intercessory Ministry – The Ministry of Believers Faith was established upon prayer. It is the goal of this ministry to continually train, equip and raise up prophetic intercessors and prayer warriors who will stand in the gap for the local church, the body of Christ, nations, governments and the world at large.Corporate prayer is held every Saturday morning at 5:00 AM. However, the doors of the sanctuary are always opened for prayer.
  • Consummate Women’s Ministry – The vision and goals of this program are centered on empowering women to fulfill their God given kingdom assignments as individuals, wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. It teaches women to embrace their femininity. It challenges women to seek out balance, structure and order in their lives.
  • Youths Ministry – The AgapEkind Generation (TAG) is a youth ministry raising a generation of God lovers & God seekers.
  • Children’s Ministry – Suffer not the children to come unto me. It is the heart of Jesus to have the children come to Him, to be taught, catered for and nourished. 



The Deliverance Empowerment Summit (T-DES) is a platform for liberation/deliverance, encounters and communion with God. Learn how to fulfill God’s will on the earth realm by helping people discover whose they are and who they are in Christ according to Romans 8:19. In the AgapEkind Deliverance School, you will learn how to preach deliverance to captive, conduct deliverance and share the love of God.


The AgapEkind Mentorship is a program designed to equip, empower, mentor and counsel men and women who are ready to manifest their calling to the full potential and to exercise authority and dominion in every aspect of life.



“The AgapEkind”‘Show seeks to equip & empower listeners and viewers spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The Show airs, produces and distributes spiritual, intellectual and educational materials through Radio & Television.


You can help, volunteer or support in many ways.

Kingdom Writers: Are you a seasoned writer who can spread the goodness of Jesus Christ through writing? Join us!

Mission: You can volunteer in our missions team.

Radio Broadcast Support: Are you radio host or talk show host?  You can volunteer in our 24/7 Online Radio

Translators: Help translate The AgapEkind Media materials for various communities, e.g Spanish, French, contact us today!

Please fill out our volunteer sign up form and we will get back to you as soon possible!