Spiritual Growth: How I Build – Part 1

QUESTION: I find your videos very inspiring. From where do you get your teaching? I mean except from the holy Spirit, does it have much connection with the teaching you got from Word of Faith Bible Institute? I find the subject of spiritual warfare to be both neglected and controversial, yet VERY important.


Thank you for that brilliant question. The Holy Spirit teaches me when I study the word and most times I wait until I apply it and generate power, then I share.

What About The Vocab?

I pray in tongues a lot and as I pray the Holy Spirit gives me words. There is really nothing special to it, it’s just connecting with the Holy Spirit. As I pray, He shows, tells, reveals …and coupled with the word of God. Everything I say I have seen in God’s word so when the Holy Spirit tells me, He just releases it with power. The secret is first in the word of God (read it meditate on it), then pray in the Spirit.

From where do you get your teaching? : Who & What I Listen To

I have been listening to the word since I was about 12 (though without understanding) but it makes things a lot easier to understand now. But in general, I listen to (1) Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (on the word & Faith), (2) Bishop David Oyedepo (on the word, Faith & Finance, etc), a little from (3) Myles Munroe (on the Kingdom & Prayer Strategies), and perhaps one or two others. Matter of fact, I learned “Deliverance Attitude” from Prophet TB Joshua. The most important thing is understanding; and learning to filter. If something is not clear, seek clarity. Remember, there is TRUTH and there are higher dimensions of TRUTH. Basically, the fact that you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it is not “truth”.

The Key Concerning This!

There are people God sends to you–for you to pull from them. You can’t listen to everybody and you can’t learn from everybody but identify those He has sent you to and vice versa and begin to pull. If you leave your ears open to the negative things people say about those He has sent to you, you will remain under water & will never manifest, so you must be determined to stay focused and stand your ground. Remember, when you come in contact with those He has sent to you & you are open to receive the word, you also receive impartation.

The Operation & Spiritual Warfare

The Lord has given me a “focus” task and that is to do with “the operation of the gift of the Holy Ghost” so a lot of my teachings (in that aspect) are directly from Him and as seen in the word. There are different types of warfare & you can actually be in warfare while praying really quietly. I am called to “intense spiritual warfare” (whether defensive or offensive) so as I pray, He teaches me. The kind of warfare is what is  called “let go by force” or “aggressive”…think of Elijah. Of course, not everyone will understand you. But when you bring all these things together & then read the word, & pray in the Spirit — you ‘ll begin to get a better picture of God & what He is saying. Whatever He calls you to do, He equips you.

Are You A Product of Dr. Olukoya ?

Well, many people think I learned from mountain on fire or Dr. Olukoya but I can’t tell you how I got to this point because it is in me. I didn’t work to put it in me, it was already there & flows as the Spirit leads. He formed and creatively designed each individual uniquely, just discover what He has designed you to do. It’s the same Spirit… so sometimes it will most definately look-alike!

Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI)

I went to word of faith bible institute in march and again last week (July Special) so I am yet to share what I learned from Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) …there is a lot to share.

Without Him, I am NOTHING!!!

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  • Sis. Jannie

    Who is your covering? Do you belong to a local church? Do your covering support your ministry?

    • DBlessing

      Yes, I belong to a local church & I do have “direct” spiritual parents (that is men of God that I have direct contact with & talk to almost on a daily basis). My spiritual Father’s spiritual Father is Bishop David Oyedepo. My spiritual parents/covering very much support my ministry & probably pray for me regarding this more than I personally do 🙂

  • Lisa

    You are so awesome wish I had of known about you years ago I have to start sowing seeds in to your minitrsy

  • kennedy nganga

    “The most important thing is understanding; and learning to filter.”
    Almost a similar experience to me,n yes Holy spirit teaches.

    He can even get you go thru some bad experience when He wants to get you to begin trusting Him.
    What I love most though is when He speaks n you get see
    the results…….vuuuuup!. very humbling phenomena

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