Love Bowl Fund

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What is Love Bowl Fund?

Love Bowl is designed to help people in need of financial support, particularly during this summit. Each year, we will pick a few people who can be recipients to this fund, based on the following criterias:

  1. As lead by the Holy Spirit
  2. Spiritual Urgency or Need
  3. Leadership Status
  4. Current financial Status

This year 2018, we are starting with two recipients.

How it Works

Each year, we will receive donations that will go towards helping leaders who need to be at this summit. We will also receive applications indicating where help is needed. We will then pick out from the applications received, this will go towards flight tickets, transportation and accommodation arrangements.  Where necessary, we will make up the difference after the fundraising window is closed. E.g. if we decide to sponsor 5 people in a year and we receive funds that cover 3 – 4 people, we will make up the difference.

Why Love Bowl Fund?

The name “Love Bowl” Fund came by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is designed to show love to one another, to share in our deliverance, healing, to share in our love in Christ Jesus. You may not be interested in the summit or able to make it there, but your any amount you give can give hope and life to someone else.

Selection & Accountability 

For accountability reasons, applicants will be required to summit their photo and name if they are chosen as recipients. Their photo and name will also be displayed on our website as the year’s ‘Love Bowl’ recipients.

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