For a man to be saved, he must not only confess Jesus Christ as Lord, He must also believe. Many people are confessing but they don’t believe, hence we can’t see fruits that show they have been set apart.

Did you just convert or believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord ans savior? Did you become born-again but are not sure where to go from there? Below are a few tips that will help you find your way and to equip you in your walk with the Lord.

Know Who You Are

Firstly, now that you are saved, you are righteous in God’s eyes. You cannot be more righteous tomorrow than you are today. Your righteousness is Christs so you are righteous. Don’t let the enemy use your past to trick you into believing he has power over you. He who the son sets free is free indeed!

Cut off Wicked Ties

You are now joined together with God, don’t continue in wickedness by agreeing and communing with wickedness or evil doers. Cut off evil ties and believe God for new connections that will help you be who He has called you to be.


Find a living church and begin to go to church, fellowship with the brethren and ask questions, too. The church is where you go to be spiritually fed, it is a spiritual clinic/hospital and it is a place where you shouldn’t feel ashamed about your problems or wounds. But seek wisdom and direction from the Lord to know where you should fellowship. There is a pastor over everyone and a church for you, ask the Lord where He has prepared for you.

Renew Your Mind/ Spirit of Your Mind

Begin to feed your soul with the words of the Lord. Don’t continue in junk-feeding, feed your soul with good stuff and as you do, you will be healed in your soul, mind, emotions and body. You can feed your soul in so many ways including:

  1. Reading God’s word: The Bible
  2. Listening to “anointed” Sermons (NOTE, not all sermons are anointed by God)
  3. Reading anointed Books
  4. Watching Movies that help you understand the scriptures, e.g.
  5. Be a Doer of the word, as you read, do what He says to do.
  6. Continue in Prayer


There will be things you will see in the church that you won’t expect, don’t let that distract you. Stay focused and continue to seek the Lord. Don’t get soaked into church politics either, stay focused on the Lord!

Every Born Again Christian receives a level of deliverance when they become born again, but deliverance is a continuous process after that. We have been saved, we are being saved and we shall be saved. Hence, the need to seek deliverance by the word, prayer, and fastings.

As you continue your work with God, find resources and gears to help you grow strong in your new found faith in Christ. Locate media tools and build yourself up daily.  Ask questions if you have any.

When you are born again, you are consecrated and set apart for God. This is why it is important to see fruits that testify of this truth.

You are also to walk in the vital aspect of your salvation by consecrating yourself unto God. Stop hanging out with bad friends who will only drag you into the mud, stop those bad habits by first handing your life over to God. Don’t just say you have given your life to Christ when you are still holding it, give it all to Him.


There are two aspects of salvation, the LEGAL aspect and the VITAL aspect.

  1. The LEGAL aspect cannot be changed and there is nothing anybody can do about it. The LEGAL aspect says you are justified, you are righteous, you are Holy because of what Jesus Christ has done for you.
  2. The VITAL aspect is what we then have to work out on a continuous basis…by reading the word, praying, doing what the word says to do, etc. This is where our work starts.

Acts 91:2 ” He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.”

The above verse clearly states that there are some who have believed Christ but have not received the Holy Ghost, let alone heard about it. If you hadn’t heard about the gift of the Holy Ghost or have been wondering if you can receive Him the videos on this page will be of help to you.

Additionally, you can join the prayer-line/broadcast and pray with us – and in the midst of that you will receive. Most people if not all who have contacted me regarding  this and joined the prayer line received almost instantly or during the prayer. Some also received new tongues, so you can also receive.

I have also received messages from people who received the gift of the Holy Ghost and started to speak in tongues simply by praying with the prayers where I spoke tongues a lot or listening to them. You can also  receive!!