Content Mentorship

The AgapEkind Content Mentorship!


What is Content Mentorship? Content mentorship gives you access to the website, insider locked content, videos, and forum, and you can get direct responses to questions.


You may be granted access to one or more of the following:

  • Access to mentorship forum where you get direct answers
  • Access to mentorship videos/classroom
  • Read, watch & complete assignments
  • Access to Spiritual Growth & Acceleration Course.


Depending on your need, you may be required one or more of the courses listed below:

  • Vision
  • Purpose & Assignment
  • Servicing in Spirit & Impartations
  • Media Ministry
  • Spiritual acceleration through prayer, fasting and giving.


At the end of your journey, you should be able to respond thoughtfully to the following questions and more:

  • Discover and understand your purpose, the call and your assignment.
  • What’s the vision for your future? What’s the plan for the next 6 months – 1 year?

One time fee: TBA

Courses are individually sold, some are absolutely free

TAMM Service workers get 50% – 100% off with a coupon code.

Content Mentorship Registration: You can register for this program after October 30, 2017. 


  1. STEP: Watch introductory videos and decide on whether to proceed with the mentorship program.
  2. STEP: Proceed to Program: setup online account, begin course if applicable.
  3. STEP: Fasting program (if instructed by the Holy Spirit)
  4. STEP: Assignments: you may be given assignments to complete after reading, watching or listening to a material. You may also be required to complete a project such as visiting the homeless, praying for the sick at hospitals, etc.

Content Mentorship

/per term
a portion of your fee will be used to feed and help the homeless and babies.


PLEASE DO NOT PAY until you have been accepted into the program via written confirmation from D’Blessing AgapEkind. Only 10 applicants will be selected every 30 days. International applicants are also welcome to apply. A term is equal to 30 days.

PAYMENT: Accepted candidates will receive a direct link to make payment.

Spiritual Growth & Acceleration Course

Depending on your need, the program designed specifically for you may incorporate mentorship program  may incorporate a spiritual growth and acceleration course, and this course is absolutely free for those accepted into the mentorship program.

If you would like a on one on one mentorship with your mentor, you will be required to fill out the mentorship request form (above). If not, you will be asked to sign up for the spiritual growth and acceleration course.

This course does not provide any one on one session but you will have access to mentorship videos within the course. Note that signing up for the mentorship course does not automatically give you access to the one on one mentorship program, we must receive your one on one  mentorship request form before you can be accepted into the program.

This mentorship program may or may not grant you access to the mentorship forum.

Sample Video from Media Ministry Course