Live ClassRoom Mentorship

Live ClassRoom Mentorship

LIVE ClassRoom Mentorship is NOW OPEN to serious candidates only! Please register before joining your class! It is absolutely FREE of Charge. You are given the opportunity as everyone else.

Make sure to include your country code or area code
This will help determine time difference


These live classroom sessions are absolutely free. If you can’t afford it at all, we understand… just register. You will have access to the group conversations, mentorship class, ask questions, but not 1 on 1 sessions outside the classroom – except otherwise stated.


We truly understand that some may not be able to afford the school fee, hence we are leaving it open for anyone who is interested  to sow a seed (no prescribed amount) as you join the classes.

This is just an opportunity to be a blessing to as many people and ministries as possible.

From GOD, through The AgapEKind Ministries, to YOU!