D’Blessing AgapEkind is  a minister, psalmist, a writer, an entrepreneur (information systems specialist). Founded by Jesus Christ, she is the caretaker of The New Jerusalem International Ministries, Inc also known as The AgapEkind Media Ministry. Called into the helps ministry, she is diversified at heart and by His grace, excels in many different areas. She propagates the Good News of Jesus Christ & the Kingdom of God – with a mission to liberate, equip and empower God’s people. Currently, she holds two basic bible school certificates [BCC] from word of faith bible institute.

She believes [by revelation of God’s word] women can manifest 100% potential; she promotes the value and strength of a woman through the  “ConsummateWoman” movement. She believes women are made beautiful inwardly first, then outwardly.

D’Blessing’s dedication to expressed through The AgapEkind’s non-profit outfit, The Blessing Fund & Missions. She believes that one “impact-ful” cause can affect and raise genuine leaders who will in-turn impact generations.

A  graduate from The University of Manchester, United Kingdom, armed with a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems, D’Blessing seeks to educate and empower christian business owners. Pulling on her background in business, management, information systems, she communicates spiritual insights that empower individuals to metamorphose into spiritual giants, consequently changing the world around them.



As an Evangelist (2 Timothy 4:5), TAMM leverages the power of internet technology & internet/ media platforms to spread the gospel of the kingdom of God  & of Jesus Christ. Click here to learn more. | Who?


10321495_457129697766646_1848834470166902394_oThe Blessing Fund promotes the love of God & His Christ through giving & fundraising,  Click here to learn more.


Consummate Woman identifies with Godliness (inwardly first, and then outwardly). Click here to learn more.



On the weekends, she hosts the TV and Radio show (The AgapeKind Show), an awareness TV/Radio program that equips, inspires and promotes  individuals who are making moves towards “change” – raising leaders & empowering generations.


A third generation entrepreneur, D’Blessing formed an information systems company that creates and produces unique products and services for nonprofit organizations  and other small businesses – meeting their business development and consultation needs.

This is Kingdom IT & Business – Helping business owners strategically position themselves – providing them with business concepts and development strategies for producing effective business models. From IT solutions to Video productions and more. Offering business and technology advice and services in a wide range of information system services to help you start, setup and grow your business. We don’t just produce materials, we produce “anointed materials” which become sickles of harvest in the hands of people who touch them. Nonprofits Organizations can also benefit from these services @ discounted rates, courtesey of The Blessing Fund.

Connections. We connect with the right service provider all for you!


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