Deliverance is being rescued or set free; but I ‘d say it is more of “receiving what Christ has already done for us” and this can sometimes be a process. Does it have to be? No, but know that even if a person is delivered instantly, that is, all of the legions are cast out, they must continue in the word and prayer, the renewal of their mind must follow (process) for them to confidently keep what they have received. Howbeit, we ‘are being delivered daily (2 Cor. 4:11).


I believe that all of the deliverance that people receive is by the word, whether it is (1) spoken into their lives or over them or (2) they declare it themselves or (2) they simply release their faith by believing what the word says. Thus, sitting with the word is very important in retaining deliverance. In fact, it’s not just the easiest way but the best way out because when the word is unveiled to you and you are delivered, you can never be put in bondage by the same spirits anymore…because you are now aware of the truth.

Sadly, I have seen cases of people who were prayed for and they received healing, etc but soon after they lost their healing or deliverance because they did not know the word so when the enemy came back to lie to them about that same situation, they believed him and gave him entry. Most people who find themselves in this place did not understand the value of their deliverance and hence were careless with it.

What Happened?

If a person is delivered from spiritual husband/wife, for example, and then go back to fornicate or commit adultery, they open the door again to that demon to repossess and even invite seven demons more wicked than it (Matthew 12:45). This is why Jesus would often say “go, and sin no more” (John 8:11) lest a worse thing happen to you (John 5:14).

Purpose of Prayer For Deliverance

Prayer is supposed to help change us, advance us, that is transform us in light of God’s word. Basically, as you pray and read the word, the Lord opens your eyes. Prayer also humbles us, amongst others…but through this process you are being made free and will eventually be set completely free.

This is where it becomes a process. The making is a process (of  producing something), setting  is instant (put or bring into a specified state). During this time, we are being transformed into the image of God from Glory to Glory (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Hence, if your faith could carry it, you would be delivered instantly…but when our faith cannot carry something, it becomes a process of deliverance; however, as soon as you understand the truth and the light of God shines in that area of your life (Eph. 1:17-18), you are made free & your faith grows.

Which is Better?

Neither supersedes the other as long as you know the truth; however, the “process” is much beneficial and healthy for anyone who wants to grow and seek understanding during the process, so as to stay strong. This is where patience and perseverance perfects their work and this helps strengthen us. You don’t have to believe the lies of the devil. I encourage you to spend more time in the word.

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QUESTION: When I hear you pray my mouth begins to water…and sometimes I gag but I never actually throw up…my bottom lip starts to move or quiver. What does this mean? Is this normal ? I felt headache and slept.


The powers or demonic influence that the words of the prayer is hitting is manifesting through your mouth & is most likely located around that region. However, when someone begins to manifest or is undergoing deliverance, they may:

  • Spit
  • Cough
  • Sneeze
  • Fart
  • Sweat
  • Throw up
  • Feel shaky or  cold
  • Experience headache that leaves them
  • Feel sleepy or dizzy, etc,

The above symptoms are signs of deliverance especially if they happen while you were praying or being prayed for…thus you don’t have to throw up for things to leave you. Nonetheless, it is a sign that something is happening and whatever it is does not like the heat and of course you are being delivered every day.

Just keep standing and God will keep fighting for you

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Why Should Believers stay away from learning the devils tactics, such as the use of “Third Eye” and “Magic” in order to defeat him?


In the beginning (Gen. 2:8-90, God clearly command Adam not to eat of the three of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Their disobedience brought man to a fallen state and will continue to be used as a strategy of the enemy to degrade man until man makes a choice to follow after God, and not sources that teach him wicked things. According to Gary Whetstone, in his book “Make Fear bow, p. 22“:

“Eating from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil means partaking of a new kind of Knowledge. This knowledge allows one to understand good and evil, not merely good as God had originally created man to know. Therefore, partaking of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil means receiving information from a new source other than God. This source is Satan.”

It is one thing to ‘ve an idea of what something is & it is another to be curious or wanting to know “how it works”/interested in it.

When we become curious to know more about something evil out of curiosity, then we open ourselves up for attack. Acts 19:19 tells us that when the people saw the power of God, many who practiced sorcery using [“CURIOUS BOOKS”] repented & burned up the books. This clearly shows that “CURIOUS WAY” is not the way, but JESUS CHRIST by His Spirit. They were trying to figure out things in order to exercise power or some form of knowledge, they were trying to do things their own way, & you can be sure that many of them did not even know they were practicing divination by doing this. I have seen people who got possessed just by reading “the seven books of Moses” and some other similar books. Some got possessed by just watching and listening to something. My dear, these words are spirit and when you open yourself up to them, you give yourself over.

If you give your eye to watch evil or to read about evil in this case, you ‘ve introduced darkness into your life through your eyes. For example, a man can see or watch a horror movie today & the next day those images begin to rise up against him to put him in fear…because he gave his eyes over to it, he gave himself over. For this cause, the word does stop with the eyes, but He also said “be mindful of what you hear and how you hear them”. We must realize that these are pathway to light or darkness. Basically all these things around us can either defile or cleanse a man. If it is not cleansing, it is defiling. So even if you didn’t intend to practice it, you ‘ve given place for it in your mind – whether known or unknown.

The same way a man could become demonically possessed with the spirit of pornography and perversion just by watching pornography, or listening to it or being taught “the art” is the same way anybody can open themselves up to the demonic.

Now, you can be led to learn some things by way of the word & Spirit. For example, you can be led to interview an ex-witch on occult practices and how to defeat them; but I don’t believe the Spirit would lead you to go into their Caucus or atmosphere to learn such these; except perhaps the person was there before they found God & God used that experience to open their eyes. But asking us to go back into the dark umbrella to learn something is like saying “The Holy Spirit cannot reveal any other way but open you up for attack”. Why? Because whatever you listen to or give your eyes, ears to has a right to operate. The energy or spirit you give open yourself up to has a right to attack. Besides, that would mean that you are yielding yourself to be taught by demonic entities or powers.

The spirit behind a confession of an ex-witch who spills the beans about their secrets is different from the spirit behind a man who is teaching people how this wickedness can be done or how it works, he is obviously possessed and influenced by the spirits & as the words are released they ‘re sown as a seed. Every “word” has a spirit or shall I say an energy behind it. Whether is is spoken, written or heard. Remember there are two worlds here. Light & dark. It would be unheard of that we ‘ve to go into darkness to learn “an art” that can be easily revealed to us as sons of God.

The Holy Spirit is the one who teaches us all things. If He really wanted us to know those things, He would tell you without you going into their territory. The only time you should go in to their territory is to destroy and not to discuss their wicked practices or learn how they really do them. Ephesians 5:11-12 clearly states this.

In conclusion, I’d rather the Holy Spirit reveal to me what a person is going through – whether it be third eye or magic, that to open myself up for the sake of curiosity. Let’s focus on Jesus, let’s focus on the Holy Spirit.

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The scriptures say that the gift is “given”, which means He has already given it to you. He is not holding it to Himself. It is yours!

For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.
 (Acts 2:39)

But of course when someone gives us something, we have to stretch out our hands to receive it. If I tell you I kept $20,000 on the table for you, if you don’t go to the table to collect it, it will remain unclaimed. The giver has already given, we are to receive in Faith.

I suggest you go through the scriptures concerning this gift & understand what Father is saying… then have someone pray over you, lay hands or pray with you. In fact, by the time you read the scriptures & understand you will start speaking…you may not need laying on of hands. The Holy Spirit Himself will manifest. You have waited for too long, you need to act in faith to receive. Go for it!

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Did you just convert or believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord ans savior? Did you become born-again but are not sure where to go from there? Below are a few tips that will help you find your way and to equip you in your walk with the Lord.

Know Who You Are

Firstly, now that you are saved, you are righteous in God’s eyes. You cannot be more righteous tomorrow than you are today. Your righteousness is Christs so you are righteous. Don’t let the enemy use your past to trick you into believing he has power over you. He who the son sets free is free indeed!

Cut off Wicked Ties

You are now joined together with God, don’t continue in wickedness by agreeing and communing with wickedness or evil doers. Cut off evil ties and believe God for new connections that will help you be who He has called you to be.


Find a living church and begin to go to church, fellowship with the brethren and ask questions, too. The church is where you go to be spiritually fed, it is a spiritual clinic/hospital and it is a place where you shouldn’t feel ashamed about your problems or wounds. But seek wisdom and direction from the Lord to know where you should fellowship. There is a pastor over everyone and a church for you, ask the Lord where He has prepared for you.

Renew Your Mind/ Spirit of Your Mind

Begin to feed your soul with the words of the Lord. Don’t continue in junk-feeding, feed your soul with good stuff and as you do, you will be healed in your soul, mind, emotions and body. You can feed your soul in so many ways including:

  1. Reading God’s word: The Bible
  2. Listening to “anointed” Sermons (NOTE, not all sermons are anointed by God)
  3. Reading anointed Books
  4. Watching Movies that help you understand the scriptures, e.g.
  5. Be a Doer of the word, as you read, do what He says to do.
  6. Continue in Prayer


There will be things you will see in the church that you won’t expect, don’t let that distract you. Stay focused and continue to seek the Lord. Don’t get soaked into church politics either, stay focused on the Lord!

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Acts 91:2 ” He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.”

The above verse clearly states that there are some who have believed Christ but have not received the Holy Ghost, let alone heard about it. If you hadn’t heard about the gift of the Holy Ghost or have been wondering if you can receive Him the videos on this page will be of help to you.

Additionally, you can join the prayer-line/broadcast and pray with us – and in the midst of that you will receive. Most people if not all who have contacted me regarding  this and joined the prayer line received almost instantly or during the prayer. Some also received new tongues, so you can also receive.

I have also received messages from people who received the gift of the Holy Ghost and started to speak in tongues simply by praying with the prayers where I spoke tongues a lot or listening to them. You can also  receive!!

Receive The Gift of the Holy Spirit – Andrew Wommack

Tongues of Fire: Receive The Gift of the Holy Ghost with the Evidence of Speaking in Tongues

Please drop a line if you received the Holy Ghost by using the information provided on this page or if this page has been of help to you!

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QUESTION: Last night I prayed fervently with tongues and some unclean spirits were loosed from me. Then I started to read the Bible. The unclean spirits attacked me again trying to enter my head, my back, at my left side.
Praise God for your deliverance. A spirit that is cast out of you has no right to come back except a legal ground is given, so what you need to do is focus on speaking to them, that is commanding them to get out of your atmosphere.
A spirit that God has set you free from has no right to re-enter. The scriptures say he whom the son sets free is free indeed. Most times they do that when they see the person is afraid, so focus more on the word and rebuking the spirit by the word. Rebuking them saying, he whom the Son sets free is free indeed, you cannot bind me anymore. Only Christ has the authority.
Focus more on Jesus during these times. Know that nothing has a right to even come close to you except Jesus permits them. Your protection is Christ, He is the door, the way, anything you experience in Him is not supposed to prevail over you. Let the Lord give you a revelation to open the eyes of your understanding in the name of Jesus – Eph. 1:16-18
Don’t worry, the Holy Spirit is with you and always there to help you. Just learn to depend on Him more.

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QUESTION: “what if we pray prayers in our heart without speaking? Will the angels also hear them?”


First of all, the angels do not answer to your prayer, God answers your prayer and sends the angels to do the work.

Matthew 18:10 says Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

The above verse tells me that the angels always see the face of the Father. Consider this: if you have a child and you want to get your child’s attention, all you have to do sometimes is look at him and he would get the message, you don’t always have to speak it out loud right?

Well, if you pray a prayer in your heart and God hears you, the angels also behold the face of the Father and know what He wants them to do. Father communicates too with facial expressions among others. He is not limited to just speaking or sending or waving His hands, He is almighty, He can manifest in whichever way He chooses 🙂

But don;t worry if the angels are doing it or not, just believe that Father hears you and whatever you ask will be done whether by the angels, by the power of His Holy Ghost or by whatever means He chooses to manifest Himself.

Speak The Word – Angels Do The Work [Co-laborers]

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There is prayer language available to all who receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, then there is the “gift of tongues” available to some (1 Cor. 12). Some can also speak using the gift of tongues for ministrations. The same way a person can come under the healing anointing to minister for a time, gift of tongues also works that way. We grow in speaking, whether it be prayer language or “gift of tongues”.

Most people confuse their prayer language with the gift of tongues. Gift of tongues will often, if not always, change. In gift of tongues is tongues of prophecy, of mysteries, of angels, of foreign language, etc.  Howbeit, it’s infinite. If you are willing, God can show you a lot of things through tongues. We grow in it. Just like a baby who says “ba ba ba ba” until he/she starts making short sentences and finally are able to communicate fluently without hiccups.

Tongues of mysteries are spoken only to God, and no man can interpret…so it is not all tongues that can be interpreted unless God wants the person to know.

Prayer Language would often sound the same until you go into what I call “shedding”. That is, receive new tongues (Luke 9:1-2), and you can’t speak the old one again… which often happens when the Lord takes you into another realm from the last or when you enter into a new “season”.

Watch video:

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Here is my question, How long or how many hours do I stay in this prayer to get my breakthrough.  I get this feeling that I am disconnected when I have to go and onto any exercise that is not spiritual.

RESPONSE: It is not in the hours but in the “connection” and connection also requires faith. It is also not in the hrs spent but in the realms entered. I can pray for 1 hour and still be in one spot in the spirit. There is also a need for that when building up, this obviously is not warfare – you ‘re just building up. Basically, I have prayed 10 minute or so prayers & achieved much more than a 1 – 5 hour prayer & vice versa. Overall, there are some situations that may require you to stay there until you breakthrough…but you can only travail when the Spirit moves you to because travailing (for hours) demands your absolute attention, patience & spirit of determination. On your path however, you ‘d have to discipline yourself to bring your mind back to the important things (in His presence) when it wanders to things that are trying to take your attention away. The enemy uses those things to draw us out of the presence of God so it’s your choice to stay or step out. God ‘ll always help you if you yield but He will never override your will to stay if you answer to those things.

CONCLUSION: there is no set time for breakthrough but by the power & timing of the Holy Spirit.

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QUESTION: My marriage is crumbling. My husband has been unfaithful more than once and has filed for a divorce. What do I do?

Matt 19:8, Jesus speaking…”Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so”. Ultimately God’s will is that matters be settled, parties together and for peace to reign …but the enemy is always working overtime to destroy marriages particularly because he knows “marriage” as ordained by God is God’s one and only institution. So he does all he can to destroy marriages just to spite God.

My advice is to earnestly seek God’s face concerning this before you take any actions that would not only affect you but your children and generations to come. God speaks to His own…you just have to listen to Him. He will give you the best advice. Whatever you do, don’t let the devil steal your joy…guard it jealously. Always ask the Holy Spirit to help you manage situations and before you respond to major issues or arguments, calm down and let the Lord speak through you. You will get answers to questions at those moments when you yield and let Him speak.

Don’t let the situation pull you into responding out of your flesh or angrily. I pray God will strengthen you during this time and bring you out strong – even as a testimony to others in Jesus mighty name!

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Born again Christians can be tormented or bullied by the devil because they don’t know who they are. In bullying, I mean using them to commit wickedness – even at the highest order. For example “hatred for ones neighbor without cause” is as bad as murder – Jesus says. “My people perish for lack of knowledge…says the Lord. God is saying: the devil has no right over these people because I have set them free by sending my son to pay for their sins but because they do not know, they continue to sit in bondage by willfully sinning and living in sin. It’s like a prisoner who does not believe he has been set free or even heard that someone came and paid the money he owned, he will remain in prison not knowing the truth.

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Someone asked me this question “how do I do it?” Well, here is a quick picture of what I ‘ve to do to keep above waters daily. Remember that every time you come up to a new level, the last thing you want to do is to stay in one place for too long or go back down…so you must constantly build yourself in order to grow.


The most important thing is to listen to the Holy Spirit/Word & be led by Him & then comes the following:

  1. Be yourself, live the life you have been given to live, don’t try to be someone else.
  2. Discover what you have been designed to do & focus on it, don’t try to copy anybody – otherwise you will waste your time doing what you have not been asked to do, which profits nothing.
  3. Be content with what you have & give thanks to God, trusting Him for those things you are expecting. Don’t waste your time trying to impress people or appear a certain way, just present yourself as you are.
  4. The flesh will always try to drag you down, when you find yourself there – get up quickly, dust yourself & walk in the spirit – not after the flesh.


  1. Besides every other prayer you do, Pray in the Spirit for at least 1 hour/day.
  2. Read & Study your bible at least once daily.
  3. On the days you miss in the word or prayer, make an effort to make up for it. For example, double up your prayer time to gather more momentum the next time you do.
  4. Rest in grace, don’t ever trust in your righteousness. For example, when you don’t keep your schedule, trust in Jesus’ /righteousness (not yours) & continue from where you stopped.
  5. Be mindful of what you watch & listen to – you can either feed your spirit with the meal that is able to keep him charged up or depress him.
  6. Use your time wisely. Listen to things (sermons, etc) that will build you up & be mindful of the time you spend on the phone talking about things that don’t or won’t add to you . For example, conversations that don’t ‘ve any head or tail, be quick to say “alright, I got to go!”.
  7. Seek Revelation by meditating & memorizing verses as much as you can, amongst others.
  8. Find books that address your questions & issues & read them.
  9. Fast & Pray at least once a week/a month/ 3 months, etc (as the Spirit leads)
  10. Be disciplined & continue in the search for truth.
  11. Make a schedule & time to give to these spiritual things that help build you up.
  12. Walk in love


Whatever you do, remember that we are all uniquely designed for a purpose. A person can do all these and more and still feel like they are not getting the same results so find what God has given you to do & work according to the grace granted you.

For the most part of my day, I spend my time alone. So if you can’t survive without being around people all the time, then you ‘ve to first work on that. You have to learn to remove yourself sometimes, away from all the happenings, withdraw (Matt 4) and be interested in quite time with the Lord.

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fire1There are many things we can do to keep the fire constantly burning. “Those who know their God shall be strong & do #exploits” (Dan 11:32). To excel (all round), you must be a word practitioner. A word practitioner is a doer of the word, not just a hearer (James 1:22-25). Hence, it doesn’t stop at you hearing, listening to sermons, etc, you must be a doer. You can’t say you believe something if you don’t apply/do  it, so doing the word is important. #Obey & then #Do.

When we yield to the Lord’s dictates, He moves us to do certain things we wouldn’t normally do.  Some of these activities include but are not limited to: (1) praises & worship, (2) Prayer, (3) Fasting, (4) The Word, (5) Outreach, (6) Quite Time. However, I have broken down these activities into categories to better understand it.


  • Praise & Worship (Minister unto the Lord for fresh oil, etc).
  • Warfare/ Offensive Prayer (If possible, pray for others more than you pray for yourself).


  • Prayer
  • Prayer & Fasting / Prayer without fasting is like a light bulb that is not plugged into a power source.
  • Studying, Meditating & Memorizing God’s word
  • Outreach & Evangelism (for everyone… seize an opportunity to win souls for God)


  • Praise & Worship (Minister unto the Lord for fresh oil, etc).
  • Confess & Meditating on God’s Word
  • Do the Word
  • Walk in Love.
  • Give.

Link it up!

Your Turn: How Do You Build?

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Carpenter is the oldest profession, implying the use of elaborate designs and handcraft — involved in the construction of the first structures, houses, boats, bridges and temples, etc. Carpenters do not rely on the use of finished products, instead they use raw materials such as trees, etc.

What is Spirit of Carpenter?

The greatest carpenter of all is Jesus Christ our Lord, thus the manifestation of this spirit means the manifestation of Jesus Christ, but in another dimension.

carpA carpenter, by definition, is one who:

  • builds, makes or repairs wooden structures, as houses, scaffolds, or shelving.
  • makes by shaping
  • constructs (a plot, scene, article, or the like) in a mechanical or unoriginal fashion.

A carpenter uses tools such as:

  1. Axe (laid at the root of trees – Matt 3:10)
  2. Chisel (carve shapes)
  3. Plane (smooth & provide elegant finish)
  4. Hammer (penetrate the wood)
  5. File (softens edges)
  6. Saw (for cutting)
  7. Fire (burns firewood or the surplus, treat wood, shape it,  burn impurities)
  8. Oil, Wax & Varnish (used to protect the beauty of finished work)

Clearly, the definition above–coupled with the tools used by a Carpenter give an idea of what the spirit of carpenter does to a vessel. Yet, there are different kinds of vessels (God’s Design). They are:

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Wood
  4. Clay

2 Timothy 2:20-21 : “20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor. 21 Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.”

Carpenters do not deal with gold or silver but instead on “wood”, so spirit of carpenter would be much needed in sharpening or shaping vessels that are likened to “wood”. It is worth mentioning, however, that there are different kinds of “wood”, just as there are different kinds of trees (as seen below).

Carlos Padilla puts it this way: “we can use the allegory of wood to identify many similarities with ourselves, between the qualities of the different types of wood for each use, sacred and for work, and therefore understand how man, each one of us, like symbolic trees, have unique qualities and how the Carpenter, with expert knowledge of them, can make – if we allow Him – real works of art with our soul, and tools, and utensils for life, spiritual and brotherly life in this case.” See: Carpentry.

If a house represents a person by interpretation (2 Timothy 2:20), then spirit of carpenter helps/builds that house into God’s perfect plan and purpose. The spirit of carpenter is the enabling power or spirit of God that empowers a person in the “making” or “building” of that person (spirit, soul & body) into God’s desired plan (especially into a desired/particular design or appearance/look). Please note that the spirit of carpenter is not apart from Jesus Christ, He is the same person-just manifesting in a different dimension to fulfill a desired purpose. The effect of such manifestations could impact both realms: the spiritual & physical.

Different kinds of wood, just as there are different kinds of trees

  1. Oak. Very Strong. Genesis 12:6 and 7. The Lord called Gideon under the oak, Judges 6:11.
  2. Acacia. This wood is so noble that it hardly needs any treatment. It is used for the ark of the testimony, the table of the Presence, the bronze altar, Exodus 27:1. Numbers 10:33.
  3. Cedar. The famous cedars from Lebanon were used for the temple’s walls, covering the stones, the stones of faith are the Church and the Lord’s Israel.  2Samuel 5:11.
  4. Cypress. Used for the floor of the temple. A reference to the character of those who kneel at the Lord’s feet, their souls live through eternity. 1Kings 5:10.
  5. Beech. Ideal for curving, impregnation or varnish. It is used in very thin and resistant layers. Used for worship instruments. 2Samuel 6:5.
  6. Walnut. One of the most elegant woods and with better finishing, with a decorative strip. Song 6:11.
  7. Pine tree. In the future glory of Zion, this wood will come from Lebanon to be laid at the Lord’s feet, to decorate the Holy Place. Isaiah 60:12.
  8. Fig tree. Israel is the fig tree of the prophecy, figs, Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover themselves. Fig tree wood is almost indestructible. Mark 11.
  9. Sycomore. Luke 17:6 and 19:4 reveals the height of this tree which was greatly appreciated for carpentry use.
  10. Olive tree. The most spiritually significant tree in the Bible is the olive tree. The dove which flew back to Noah brought an olive leaf –from from a land where oil could be found.
  11. Wild Olive Tree. they bear worthless fruit, but if they are grafted in a good olive tree, they produce good oil. Zechariah 14:4 and Acts 1:11.

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QUESTION: “Is there a book you can recommend to get so I can build my vocabulary with spiritual warfare?

I would recommend Cindy Trimm’s “An Art of Spiritual Warfare” and The Rules of Engagement…by the same author. I haven’t read them but I hear they are pretty good.

Personally, I didn’t learn vocabularies from anywhere, the Holy Spirit is the teacher. Without the Holy Spirit, I know absolutely nothing. But He says “open your mouth and I will fill it…” (Psalm 81:10)…so that’s the one and only go-to anytime. Once you trust Him, He delivers. Remember, any vocab outside of God’s word is empty, so it is not in the vocabs but in the power behind it!

A Bit of How it works

  • While you are praying, listen…
  • As you listen…He (Holy Spirit) will begin to tell you things
  • Sometimes as He tells you, He will explain why those things are the way they are.
  • You are still praying…(communing)
  • Then at a stage, what you know will now be used as a prayer point.


  • During intense spiritual warfare, that is, “commanding, binding, loosing, releasing, declaring, etc”.
  • The Holy Spirit will release what I call “spiritual grenades or atomic missiles” through you
  • Sometimes He just releases weapons, shaking, lightening, etc…as He gives you utterance.
  • These “shots” are right on, spot on, impossible to miss target
  • If your eyes are open spiritually or as He will, He will show you what is happening
  • So the next time you find yourself in such a place during warfare, you can easily release those missiles
  • If you are not sure, just open your mouth and He will fill it. But you have to trust Him
  • Sometimes you will be prompted to say things you don’t understand or things that don’t make sense, just obey.
  • As you obey, He will explain… but you shouldn’t be worried about Him explaining if you really trust.
  • In all, you must feed on the word to understand God’s will… because the Spirit only moves at the command of God’s word, not man’s command.


You cannot climb heights without the “word”, therefore the word of God is imperative for any believer to become spiritually mature in the things of the spirit. As you climb heights in the realms of the spirit, you will begin to see why certain “decrees” are vital. Decrees like:

  • I sever silver cords
  •  I enforce the will of the Father
  • I decree an angelic invasion
  • I command the four corners of the earth to hear the word of the Lord
  • I command the waters to dry up and release
  • Oh earth, hear the voice of the Lord
  • I invade the camp of the enemy by the Power of the Holy Ghost
  • Thunder upon the enemy (sometimes you need this to strike their hearts with terror).

All of such decrees and declarations (as seen in the examples above) were taken/ can be found in God’s word, but you need to search the scriptures and find them. Hence, search the scriptures for your own vocab. Whatever the Holy Spirit gives you will be in your spirit & come from your spirit, which is where power resides.

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QUESTION:…Do we have the power to bind Satan? Some believe that only God can do that. We can bind demons and spirits in the name of Jesus, yes,but Satan, I am not sure. I know you will throw the line that God gave us power to overcome all the power of the enemy, but look at Jude 9.”


First of all, you can’t successfully “bind” what you are afraid of. So let’s get this out of the way first. If you think you can’t bind Satan, you are walking in fear of him (consciously or unconsciously) and this belief system needs to be dealt with before we can move forward.

Secondly, if you say God can bind Satan but you cannot bind Satan, then you are separating yourself from God. When you walk under this belief system, you most certainly cannot bind Satan for “by strength shall no man prevail” (1 Samuel 2:9). But what does the scripture say? “But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:17). You are not apart from God, especially in spirit, you are one. spirit answers to spirit & flesh to flesh. You confront Satan in the spirit and power resides in your spirit, not your flesh or soul. Thus, whatever God or God’s Spirit can bind, you (joined together with Him) can bind in His name. For this same cause you can command the earth to hear the voice of the Lord… spoken through you and the earth will hear & obey. You can also command the angels in the name of the Lord & they obey. They don’t obey you because you said so but they hearken to the voice of the Lord… spoken through you. ” Psalm 103:20 (See video below).

How Do We Bind Satan?

Just as every Angel of God (including Children of God) has God in him, every demon or principality of the devil has Satan in him. If you can bind demons & principalities (elements of Satan), you can bind Satan himself. If you think you can’t bind Satan then you don’t understand who you are and whose you are – you must search the scriptures and let the Lord open your eyes. But if you know who you are and whose you are, also know that you can bind Satan in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the highest authority, in the name of the one who has sent you. Jesus Christ, in whose authority I come is the highest authority and all powers including Satan must bow to Him & the words spoken by Him through me. Thus, for you to stand firm, don’t walk apart from the one who has sent you. You must come under the authority, the head of all principalities which is Jesus Christ – then you can understand how this works.

By What Authority Come Ye?

If God wanted His son to just manifest in the flesh, He could have done so; but He cannot go against His word. This is His integrity. Thus, Jesus had to be born the same way every other human being was born and by this He had power and authority to operate in the earth realm. This is protocol and order in God’s Kingdom. Now authority has been given to man in the earth realm – even as was transferred to us by Jesus Christ – so you are not going to hear some thunderous voice like that of many waters speak from heaven, God speaks through His own. That being said, if you align yourself, God will manifest through you – hence binding Satan is not by your power but by God’s word and Spirit in you & through you.

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19. This verse says ALL power of the enemy. Who is the enemy? The enemy is Satan. What powers is it speaking of? ALL and EVERY powers of Satan. So if you can subdue all his powers, have you not subdued him? A person is defined by what he carries; in the same vain, principalities and powers including Satan is useless without powers-thus having authority over him and his powers means having power over him/the entity. But you must first obey God’s order by submitting to His authority, then all other powers will submit to you. Don’t expect others to bow to you when you walk in disobedience because without His authority/Him, you are nothing (John 15:5) in the face of demonic forces.


When the Angel  said “the Lord rebuke you”, he literally rebuked Satan in the name of the Lord. The first part of this verse is basically saying the Angel of the Lord did not come low as to argue with Satan or begin to throw insulting words like a child without understanding – the Angel of the Lord didn’t dare to judge him by railing accusations or evil speaking, he simply rebuked him in the name of the Lord. The Greek word used there is “may he be rebuking to you Lord”, that is, the Angel charged him sharply in the presence of the Lord & by the Lord God, which is also in him. So even though he said “the Lord rebuke you”, the Angel did not speak of himself, it was God who spoke by the mouth of the Angel.

Again, Jude 6 speaks of “the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day“. This verse is telling you that the angels (including Satan) who left their original habitation (heaven) are been reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the great judgement day. The word “reserved” in the Greek speaks of “watching over” as if to ensure that a thing remains the way you have kept it. So this means Satan and his cohorts are bound by God’s word and God ensures that they remain bound through us – that is when we declare & enforce God’s word. The truth is that they are already in chains but until our eyes are open to see, they will continue to lie to us. Satan doesn’t have any real power but of deception & through that he manipulates and lies to people – telling them who they are not (contrary to God’s word) and once they believe him over God, they have made him their god & this is how he uses the power God has given them against them.

It’s Pretty Simple Though…

This is a very simple matter. You are only permitted to manifest what you believe and apply. If you don’t believe you can bind Satan, then you cannot bind him. If you believe you can bind him, then you CAN bind him in the name of Jesus Christ. It starts with what you believe. “Be it unto you according to your Faith” (Matt 9:29)

The Secret is in the Blood of Jesus

The main point here is for you to know that you can bind him in the name of Jesus Christ. But the easiest way to go about this, however, is to invoke the blood of Jesus against him. The blood of Jesus Christ keeps him away, and saves you time. So for example, rather than binding him every-time he tries to do something, use the blood to keep him away longer. Invoke the blood of Jesus Christ always!

Can Believers in Christ Command Warring Angels? Is it Biblical?

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When I pray the prayer against Jezebel, it says “let me go barren without children, but I don’t want to go barren, please explain:

Generally prayers are targeted at spirits not human beings. The prayer is against the spirit of Jezebel, are you the spirit of Jezebel? You are YOU but the spirit of Jezebel is using your body to perpetrate wickedness. You should have complete anger and violence for such wickedness. Don’t join yourself with the spirit otherwise you defeat the purpose of praying in the first place. People want to be free because they are not who that spirit manifests, they are oppressed.

You have to separate yourself from the spirit, that is the beginning of deliverance. If you keep joining yourself to the spirit, then you make yourself one with the spirit and in that case you can’t be delivered. You have to renew your mind with the word of God also. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. We are not praying against the person, we are praying against spirits.

Total deliverance starts with what you think. So when you pray such prayers, first understand that you are not one with such wicked spirits, acknowledge that and then pray with understanding.

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