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Are you a Prophet? What are some signs of a prophet? How can we identify a prophet and know if he is in the office or just prophesying under and unction or a gift? How can we identify the area to focus on or what God is calling us to individually?  I believe God calls His mouth piece “Prophet”, but men may sometimes try to make a gender difference by referring to a woman as “Prophetess”. This article refers to both Prophet and Prophetess.

22 Signs of A Prophet

According to Scripture:
  1. They are inspired by God to speak, to act, to give the word of God for a divine purpose.
  2. God’s Prophets come to bring people to #Holiness
  3. They carry Righteous Anger (of God) or Holy #Anger
  4. They come to bring people back into God’s #Plan
  5. They come to declare God’s #Judgement
  6. They come to prepare the way for the coming King/Jesus Christ (e.g John the Baptist)
  7. They are #Seers, but can also hear 
  8. They are visionaries since they operate under the Eagle anointing and sight
  9. God speaks to them directly and sometimes face to face (e.g Moses)
  10. They come to bring fresh revelation of God’s #Word
  11. They come to preach #Repentance
  12. They must be Obedient to God, disobedience may cost you a lot even the office (Samuel vs. Saul)
  13. They come to remove #Traditions
  14. They establish the #Mandate of God on the Earth Realm.
  15. They oppose the wind just like the eagle (they oppose religion, traditions) and bring the #mind of God.
  16. A prophet is a follower of #God, not a follower of men
  17. God’s Prophets are #Consistent, they stick to the message, plan and word of God.
  18. God’s Prophets must be used to Isolation and loneliness, if you don’t like it…try another office.
  19. They must carry the love of God.
  20. They are intercessors and God ‘d often call them to stand in this office as often as possible.
  21. God’s Prophets Speak for Him (God); so if you tolerate sin, you will function below the standard.
  22. Some of them like to move with noise (e.g Elijah)
Are you a prophet?
Before you call yourself a prophet, let God call you a prophet, then let men call you a prophet, then you can refer to yourself as a prophet.
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  • Bianca Lilly


  • Jacqueline Pearce

    May God continue to bless your ministry! I’ve been so blessed by your transparency and teachings!

  • Mugove Makura


  • Linda

    Phenomenal word this answer questions that I had concerns with, this brings alot of clarity comfort and revelation. I agree that prohetess is man -made. and prophets are from GOD. It sadden me how man has gotten away from the word of GOD and fail to realize that HE is so full of mercy and grace and a All POWERFUL GOD who holds heaven and earth in HIS HANDS

  • Montina

    Can you explain why Debrah in the bible was called a prophetess? I have heard some say that prophetess means small prophet so could it mean someone that has a prophetic ministry but they are not in office

  • James and Gena Rogers

    Yes.blessed sister.I was delivered 5 years ago.During that time God used you and Moutain of Fires Ministries to pure clean and mold me thru Holy Spirit.God possessed me on many occasions to prophesy to church and people by His Glory.The Lord Jesus directed me to use your Putting on the Full Armour of God video and prayer everyday as He also delivered my wife even though she was skeptical as she is very close to God.Holy Spirit is training me for Spiritual Warfare continuously.I am grateful for sisters and brothers who are also possessed with Holy Fire 🔥 and I pray that He is Glorified by our willingness to surrender all of us to Jesus.The Lord has named our Ministry.The Good Shepherd Ministry.I also believe that Holy Spirit is having me to reach out to you to strengthen and prepare us for what The Lord God has for me and my wife to do for Jesus.By Thunder and Lightning by The Fire 🔥 of The Most High God I pray for God to Bless you in warfare against the enemy by The Blood of Jesus🙌😇

  • hannah

    i hope you know all and meant what it is to be a prophet.. right now in my life is so full of isolations, visions,premonitions encounters of angels.healing of people. and badluck to those who i hated. i am a believer of God. i have started to predict disaters to come in immediate happennings. i have ssen things that are so confusing so i did my research and im shocked to say that what i have seen are what is wriiten in the book of revelation. i wont reveal my identity to any human otherwise it is admistrated by God. shame on false practises shame on false prophets! and shame on the wrong teachings of the church. i know whats all in your heart. Jesus knows whats all in your hearts. when the time is right i will say more what i have seen. i must say i require repentance to God.

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