21 Nights of Glory | Bible Series+

For 21 nights, we will be spending 1 – 3 hours in God’s presence from 11:30pm Central Time. During these nights, expect to pray like never before, breakthroughs, deliverance, healing, transformation, encounters and GLORY!

Broadcasting Live nightly on Periscope, Youtube and Facebook @agapekind.

We will be studying bible characters and examples starting with Judges, understanding how idols operate, the powers that oppressed Israel and caused them to be stagnated, how they trumped, how God’s trained His people, proved them and taught them war. All of these will help us understand our Christian work a little better.

These are nights of Elevation, Promotion & Glory. 

At the end of these 21 Nights, we would have gained the following:

  1. Understand warfare Strategies throughout the bible
  2. Understand the mind of God concerning any current situations
  3. Pray our way into breakthroughs and deliverance
  4. Consistently keep to the 3rd watch
  5. Encounters, Testimonies, Deliverance, Insight and Illumination.

Callers can also connect on the radio and listen LIVE

Thanks to Jubilee Designs for making us this beautiful flyer!!

If you missed this series, you can still plug in by using the videos/playlist. Click here to connect.


 I just wanted to be sure to share my experiences over the course of the evening, after the Jehu & Jezebel Prayer Night. I have had too many spiritual encounters and experiences since the prayer. For privacy reasons, they have been removed, but spiritual life has changed so much in such a short time.

Testimony of Deliverance from 21 Nights of Glory | Night 19
“My sister I have a testimony I actually was listening to yesterday’s night prayer right now because I’m not able to make it for the night prayer because I work today on Monday… when you asked us to put our hand over our head and you’re praying against that spirit of Jezebel, right before the end of the prayer meeting when you were touching the phone I was also touching the phone as a point of contact then prayed and I felt like my head falling over it’s like the powers of Jezebel on my life fell over ohhh my goodness !! Something fell off!! I have never felt anything like that in my life!! May God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob keep you here on earth for a long time!!”

“I have not sleep in such peacefulness in a long time …true in all things believe in things remember without Christ perfected LOVE ARE GRIFTS WILL PROFIT US NOTHING … amen” – Bro J.

“when I drank the water I had like a fountain of light coming to me. He opened my eyes and showed me you with 6 angels I asked which one was a particular one I had never seen before and he said its a cherubim and first class. [removed for privacy]. The angel was brown and I could see three faces that’s all I saw his wings were a golden fire different from anything I had never seen in my whole life he brought me to a new dimension of vision. Alot happened to me tonight. We serve a very frightfully mighty God weeeewww. – Sis M.


While praying with the salted water, I felt something with great force coming out of me from my foot to my hair, and i felt myself lighter. God bless you – Sis Mary A.


 I thank God for leading you to have the 21 NOG..taught discipline in prayer.. and I presence of God is so much stronger in my life that even when I make mistakes I discern it and fill a cleanings taking.. I pray to God he places it on your heart to continue… I thank God for you.. you are blessed in Jesus name.


I’ve felt God delivering me in every prayer…. as soon as we began praying….I can feel very strong Spirits leaving me. The Ancestral Spirits. ….and when you prayed to severe soul ties.


Good morning I have a testimony This morning just after the service i received a prayer request from one my friend her son was in ICU due to his intestines which were entangled and he was passing out blood.i prayed for the baby with Elisha anointing and declared he will be released from ICU today.just after 1pm i got another text the baby is transfered to the ward he is much better now.this boosted my faith to declare his release from the hospital before the end of this week. God is faithful. we thank Him for what He is doing in our midst everyday.


Please do another one like the last one. Last night you really ministered to me. I slept better than I have slept for a long time. My testimony from yesterday is I slept very well. Also, the word was for me. Sometimes, it is not Satan. It is God ohh! I know God has given me a work to do, but I am so stubborn! I drank some of the salt water and I used some to wash my face. As I knelt praying, I saw a pray dressed in green skirt and light green shirt enter my room. My back was turned and my head was down but I saw her so clearly. Later, I perceived that I used my spiritual eyes to see her. I bind her and caste her out and my voice had so much fire. I scared myself. There has definitely been a change. A great transformation.


Thank you so much sister, the grand finale was powerful,Praise God!…….after i slept, dremt u were by my gate, so we were chatting, then suddenly a bantum pulled in ,a white man driving, he opened the car door and a bulldog ran out coming straight to the open gate, i pushed closed the gate, and he demanded,”where is the American girl” apparently he was referring to you, funny enough he could not see you. i just kept quiet, then some pple started searching my premises for you, but could not find you!

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  • Susanna Secka

    Good day WOG. I am really blessed by the 21 night of Glory series. I am not always on live when it broadcast, but I thank God He is never too late. My eyes are being open and my understanding to know how and what to pray about concerning me and my family. I thank God for your life. As you are sewing seeds into people life’s so shall you reap bountifully.

  • Lorraine Carroll

    The ame as the above. Because of time difence not always able to watch but I thank God for the replays and youtube. It indeed has been a blessing even when I participate in the prayers… deliverance and a powerful release comes every time. The anointing I have experience stays/lingers. God bless you for youe faithfulness and for your heart of compassion for His people

  • Hello WOG,

    I have a praise report by the grace of God. During this series, you prophesied that someone needed help with eyesight. By faith, I followed the instructions you gave to wash the eyes and our face with water and went to sleep. The very next day, my sight is so much more clear. No need for my prescription eyeglasses praise God! Thank you for being faithful.

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